Network of Websites

My strategy is to have a large network of websites, instead of hiding my pages within a few of them, or posting them on a blog. If you do not see much content on any one website, it is because material intended for that site is on another one.

All of these sites are related to the main Social Technology site and have been added to the network at various times over the years. As well adding new material, existing content is being slowly redistributed or copied. That will take a while. For more information see my personal home page and then the Social Technology History page.

This is one of several sites associated with the book Society Changed. I am not exactly sure why I created this book, but it was never intended for publication and never will be. I have, however learned a lot from putting it together. Please see my Books website for more information.

As explained on that website, Society Changed was created by merging three books:

  1. The Green Family Chronicles
  2. Technological Fantasies
  3. Harmony and Matching

Some of the websites listed below have domain names associated with them because they were mentioned in that book. Someone reading the book who became curious enough to try out the given URL would find a real target site, though all of the people and organizations mentioned are fictional. Here are those domains:

Other websites have no associated domain name, and can only be accessed via another site. Some of them are very important, but no obvious domain name which was unique and descriptive could be found. They represent ideas and events from within the books.

More on the source books:

  • The Green Family Chronicles was about the huge family of the polygamous Ken Green, who first uses social technology to become a very rich man, then tries to change the world with it. Among the many companies he owns are Social Tech Software and Social Tech Press. These are part of the Green Family Corporation. Education is very important to him, so he started the Green School System.
  • Technological Fantasies is an organization established by three friends who set out to change the world, Drake Phillips, Sally Aston and Ann Kelly. They also use social technology for their purpose. Like Ken Green they are also concerned with education, and establish a Social Technology School and Social Technology University. Their approaches are quite different, but compatible enough that in the merged book Society Changed, the various schools can collaborate.
  • Harmony and Matching adds in a musical theme. It is about the married couple, Don and Helen Walker, where Helen is a fabulous musician. They establish the Harmony Match Project, which attempts to use a narrow subset of social technology for the simple purpose of matching people for romantic relationships. They too establish a school, based on very different principles again, which are made even more specifically different in the combined novel, Society Changed.
  • A fourth novel, incomplete and unnamed, is based on the successive development of ever more general versions of an idea. In order, these are:

    This novel will also be incorporated into Society Changed at some point.

I still write fiction, but for a change my goal is to write something light and publishable. I will be unable to resist some tie-in to the Society Changed universe, though, and some reference to key ideas from my long obsession with social technology will undoubtedly surface.

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